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Khirni Saplings

Sandalwood Nursery Garden provides saplings for Tree planting, Trees, Shrubs, and Herbs in Various parts of India. The saplings are delivered by a reputable courier or logistics company. Domestic Seed Delivery takes 5-10 working days, while International Deliveries take 10-20 working days once the Seeds are shipped. If you want to order the seeds, please email us at or place an order online.

Manilkara hexandra, also known as Ceylon Iron Wood or Khirni, is a tree species in the tribe Sapotaceae, family Sapotaceae. A large part of South Asia is home to the plant. The plant is also known as Ceylon IronWood, milk tree, wedge-leaved ape flower, Rayan, Ulakkai Palai, palai, Ankalu, Tukhm khirini, and khirni.

KeyBenefits of Growing Khirni/ Manilkara hexandra

  • It is a medicinal tree used to treat excessive thirst, emaciation, bleeding disorders, ulcers, bronchitis, jaundice, fever, arthritis, and other conditions.
  • Wood is used for heavy building components, gate posts, and large beams.
  • Its delicate parts are used to brush teeth.
  • A root extract is used to treat headaches.
  • The infusion of stem bark promotes and increases breast milk production.
  • Fever and hallucinations are treated with a decoction of bark and mashed fruits.
  • Fever and jaundice are cured.
  • Improves Kidney Function
  • Skin Infections Are Fully recovered
  • The bark and seed coat is used to strengthen the gum.
  • Improves Immunity
  • Asthma patients are treated with leaf extract.
  • Seeds can help with ulcers and corneal opacity.
  • It helps with swelling, abdominal colic, gout, rheumatism, and toxicosis.

Popular Questions About Khirni Plants

The juice derived from the pulp of the khirni fruit contains valuable antioxidants – myricetin and quercetin – that have antipyretic (body temperature lowering) properties. A glass of fresh khirni juice is a well-known remedy for fever and jaundice, significantly reducing body pain and discomfort symptoms.

Khirni fruit contains proteins, which, in addition to building strong muscles and promoting metabolism, have diuretic properties. It promotes normal excretory processes and aids in the removal of toxins, waste matter, and undigested food from the system through optimal kidney activity, thus also preventing kidney disorders.

The wide variety of triterpenoid plant chemicals in khirni make it an excellent natural solution for treating skin infections. Additionally, khirni has potent antimicrobial properties. Applying the fruit extract paste directly to the skin provides immediate relief from rashes, itching, and psoriasis, enriching its texture and restoring suppleness and radiance.

Khirni fruits contain high levels of tannins and saponins, valuable plant compounds that help heal gastrointestinal ulcers. Adding a few slices of khirni fruit to breakfast or as an evening snack soothes the stomach by regulating gastric acid amounts and stimulating protective mucosal secretions by the stomach walls.

Khirni fruit contains a high concentration of vitamin C, making it an excellent food for improving the body's defense mechanism. Vitamin C's antioxidant properties also aid in flushing out harmful free radicals from the system. Furthermore, khirni fruit has significant antimicrobial potential, protecting the body from bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

No, we have a single price for everyone, which is the lowest price at which we can sell the plants and remain profitable. Landscapers who require large quantities of a plant we offer should purchase an initial stock and give it to a wholesale spreader, who can turn it into larger numbers at a lower cost.

We source the majority of our seedlings from a reputable garden supply company. Because some plants are grown from non-organic seeds, we cannot claim actual organic status. However, we can assure you that neither our supplier uses chemicals in the nurseries, ensuring that they are as organically raised as possible. Our plants are grown entirely from non-GMO seeds and are never treated with synthetic insecticides.

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Khirni Saplings

The plant is also known as Ceylon IronWood, milk tree, wedge-leaved ape flower, Rayan, Ulakkai Palai, palai, Ankalu, Tukhm khirini, and khirni.

Plant seeds 1 inch deep in rows or 6 foot apart in hills. Reduce to two plants per hill after two weeks.

Khrini is grown in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh, as well as Rajasthan and Gujarat. We provide khirini plant saplings throughout India. Feel free to contact us to place your order.