Saplings For Government organization

Sandalwood Saplings to Government Organization in India

The Government of Tamil Nadu recognizes the prospects of a balanced ecosystem in advancing the socio-economic development of the State. The Government of Tamil Nadu continues to be equally concerned about vulnerability of natural resources on account of climate change and is committed to sustainably manage & stop the endangered species like Sandal Wood plants which are considered as one of the nature’s wealth of the country. Yellow Wood Nursery in Dindigul, Tamilnadu supply Sandal Wood Saplings and plants for all Government Organizations at the required quantity and support the afforestation process to a large extend.

Cultivation Process of White/Red Sandalwood Sapling Plants, India


We plant the Sandalwood saplings and plants close to the host plants for providing nitrone to sandalwood.


We Water the Sandalwood plants regularly in the evening, which prevents excessive evaporation.


We provide very good fencing for the Sandalwood sapling cultivation and Sandalwood plant cultivation.


We take care of the Sandalwood saplings and Sandalwood plants in all climatic conditions.

Cultivation Techniques

  • We Choose soil with adequate drainage.
  • Red ferruginous loam is the most common soil on which sandal Wood plants occurs, the underlying rock often is metamorphic and chiefly gneiss.
  • Sandalwood saplings grows better in slight alkaline condition soil PH Range between 6.7 To 7.5.
  • Sandalwood plants grows best between attitudes of 700 to 1100m though it may go upto 1500m and descend as low as 300m.
  • We plant the Sandalwood saplings close to the host plants and water the Sandalwood plants regularly.
Sandalwood Saplings Supply